Day 366:Let’s Talk Gun Control

Image result for elephantSo I just saw Trevor Noah’s monologue about the shooting in Las Vegas. He’s right. We need to talk gun control. In the last two years, there have been twenty mass shootings, twenty. That is bizarre. This is something that needs to be addressed. I’m not blaming the guns themselves, they are inanimate objects. We need to control the access to the guns.   An average person does not forty guns or more, in spite of what The Walking Dead and Z Nation diehards might think, the zombie apocolypse is not an imminent danger. You say you’re a firearms historian fine. I think there should be different levels of licensing similar to driving a car and the difference between a standard one that most people have or a CDL (commercial drivers license.) I think there should be a “collecter” classification which allows for a larger number of guns as long a percentage of them are antiques of historical significance, have the firing pins removed or are only shot a certain number of times a year, I am thinking of the guns owned by American Civil War reenactors and other “living history” hobbyist and educators  To be fair stipulations like this might already exist, since the chances of me being to use any firearm, antique or modern, safely are slim, I’ve never really checked.

Background checks need to be deeper . and that the laws against people with mental illness having guns should never have been repealed I believe the average American should not have access to an AK-47 or any gun of similar make. For that matter, I’m not convinced that most people need semi-automatic weapons. I am not anti-gun, both my parents are former military. We have guns in the house growing up, we have guns now. My sister and I were shown what a bullet could to our brans at a young age. Take two coffee cans, fill one with water leave one empty,.  The can with water is a stand-in for your brain.  Shoot both. The empty coffee can, small entry, little bit bigger exit. Coffee can with water in it, small entry, big gaping exit wound. I  believe we were shown that at the ages of four and six years old. We had no desire to sneak around and play with them At roughly the same time we were given the twin commandments of guns. Always treat a gun as if it’s loaded even when you know it isn’t., and never point a gun at something you don’t intend to kill. Some people say injure instead of kill, but I remember mom being very adamant, other weapons can be used to injure, guns were made to kill plain and simple and treating it as anything less was dangerous and foolhardy. I am tired of people dying while politicians and gun owners hide behind the Second Amendment. If the people who wrote the Bill of Rights could see how far guns have evolved they would probably have a stroke.The framers didn’t make provisions for semi-automatic ownership because to them the existence of such a  weapon was technologically impossible, just because they could not foresee it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be regulated. Get over yourself, too many loved ones have died because people won’t see the elephant in the room.

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  1. I think that your comments are very sensible and I agree with your assessment of the gun situation. We’ve lost far too many people and it’s time to talk about guns and people’s access to them.

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