Day 367: This Was NOT the Week to Mess with Me

Image result for puerto rico flagThis week has been crap. My Australian Shepherd service dog in training was hit by some asshole speeding down our country road and now she’s dead. She wasn’t even two years old yet.  On top of my personal shit, Las Vegas happened and our legislature says absolutely nothing of substance, what the hell is wrong with you people? You are supposed to be our leaders. This is not leading. Puerto Rico got hit by a hurricane and Trump calls the people lazy for not being able to take care of themselves. Those are American citizens you spray on tan-faced illiterate sub-primate.If their bodies are good enough to serve in our military and bleed and die for our flag(which they’ve been doing since 1917) they deserve as much help as any of the fifty states.As if a hurricane wasn’t hard enough, their economy needs some serious help on a good day but unlike a recognized state they can’t request aid from the government because they are “just” a territory. All of the crazy this week has made my heart hurt.

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