Day 368:Another Card Turns Over

I grew up watching my mother periodically read tarot cards, mostly for other people. Every single time the wheel of fortune turns over I cringed. For those unfamiliar with tarot, the wheel of fortune signals change and I’m not a real big fan of change. Even change which  I have every reason to think will bring positive things scares me. Whoever first said, this too shall pass, forgot to mention that is true of all things,  not just the negative ones. Everything is in a cycle and some cycles are shorter than others. The only constant besides change itself is learning, I’m not the same person I was last year. I’m not the person I was last week. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me in whatever way you did, it means so much.A part of me still wants to shut down, to stay still, to scream and cry and wallow in sadness. That’s not how this is going to work.  I miss her terribly and there will always be a space in my heart that is uniquely hers,  but my goal has not wavered. My steadfast Gideon isn’t getting any younger he may very well retire early( he is six and has arthritis from a wrenched kneecap) the knee is back where it should be but he moves a little slower in cold weather and is more cautious navigating steps and inclines in the cold. So after drying my eyes, I went searching once more. Dad requested I  get a German Shepherd this time because they are known for their smarts as well as their protectiveness. I can’t argue with the smarts, they were the first dogs trained to guide blind people. Dorothy Harrison Eustis had written an article about Shepherds being trained to help blinded  German veterans, a young man wrote her in 1927 and a year later the first guide dog team in America was created. As far as being protective I  think dad is being a little overly so himself but I  concede the point that a lot of people will think twice before bothering me with a Shepherd on the other end of the leash.

So “German Shepherd breeder” went into Google and the third link is Presley German Shepherds and on the very front page of their website is a video of how one of their pups is being trained to help a veteran with PTSD. So after a phone call and several emails and Facebook messages, I’m getting a puppy.  I don’t know whether the puppy will be male or female because I am more concerned with the pups willingness to learn than its sex. It’s still several months but rest assured there will be pictures soon.

Author’s Note: I  got this photo from Pixabay under a creative commons license, this is not one of Carol’s dogs to my knowledge.

2 thoughts on “Day 368:Another Card Turns Over

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  1. Ah dogs are great pets and I do still miss mine though loosing him made me promise myself never to keep another one again. It was just too heartbreaking for me!
    Yes change always happens and the wheel turns to bring the good up and bad down or vice versa! I am not a big fan of change but I also get bored with being stagnant in a situation, place, thing – so I do like the changes in my life!!!

  2. German Shepard is an awesome breed. I once had a mix pup and he was the most wonderful and intelligent dog I ever had. They need a lot of activity as well. Hope you have a wonderful time with your new pup.

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