Day 404: Books by Mail, Silver Lining of the Week, and a Poscript Concerning Public Transit

So I’m thinking of joining a book subscription service, in other words, books by mail. I have a few reasons for considering this including the fact that bad weather is making it difficult to get to my local library. Also,I like the idea of having something to look forward to in the mail every month. Who doesn’t like to get mail?I am leaning toward the Just the Right Book! Box. It is a box of a book a month hand selected for you based on your reading preferences. You fill out a questionnaire which you can tweak at any time. You also get the choice of hardcover or softcover books or a mix between the two and if they send you a book that you’ve already read you can contact them and they will send you another book and a mailer to send the first book back, you can also do that with books you don’t care for. I also like the idea that the people in the book subscription run an independent bookstore. Don’t get me wrong I do frequent chain bookstores but when given the chance I like to support the small business owner whenever possible.

It may seem like getting books in the mail is an indulgence and maybe getting them through the mail is a little bit, but I was raised to believe that reading it is necessary as breathing and is much as I love my Kindle nothing will ever replace the feel of a good book. It will have to wait until at least next month because we still have to bring Pixie home and get her squared away but it will happen soon which means I will probably be posting book reviews which is something I always wanted to do with this blog anyway. If you would like me to post a video along with the post that will inevitably come with my first box I will do that even though it means learning how to work YouTube which scares me to no end because the only thing I’ve ever tried to do on YouTube and watch other people’s videos, I have never posted any of my own.

Pixie finally comes home next Saturday. I had forgotten how long eight weeks can seem but she’s almost here! We are doing some last-minute puppy proofing in the house, which means bundling a lot of electronic cables together with zip ties and keeping them up off the floor so that she can’t possibly hurt herself. It’s going to be an adjustment because none of my previous or current dogs have been particularly heavy chewers even in the puppy stage but onward to new adventures.

In case you haven’t guessed Pixie is my silver lining of the week. Here is an update from last week, I tried to go to my doctor’s appointment but the car battery was having none of it. We had to reschedule. Again. Facepalm. To everybody in the state government of Tennessee, this is why we need better public transportation. Many disabled people can’t drive themselves and without public transportation, they cannot fully participate in the community, get your act together you’re better than this.


3 thoughts on “Day 404: Books by Mail, Silver Lining of the Week, and a Poscript Concerning Public Transit

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  1. Be it any city or state I think public transport is not empathetic towards the lesser abled persons. Providing better facilities is a must and it our right.

  2. I’ve always been dubious about book boxes. But then I’m fortunate enough to have a library at five minutes walking distance. And I do love my kindle. I shall look forward to your book reviews. Good luck with Pixie. Bringing home a pup sounds like a great adventure.

  3. We have a library within walking distance but the weather has been so rainy and muddy that I can’t get out easily with my power chair. Also, the box that I’m looking at is put together by the owner and staff of an independent bookstore and the books you receive are based on a profile on your reading style which you fill out and tweak to change the books you are sent. I also like the idea of someone picking books that I might never have thought to puck up but they turn out to be books I love. This particular service encourages people to send back any book that you already have or don’t click with and I love that.

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