Day 406: Pixie Pupdate, The First Week

So Pixie has been here a little over a week now and the reason I haven’t done any writing before now was that I was doing puppy related stuff. She’s nine weeks old and probably one of the smartest puppies I’ve ever met. I am not foolish enough to call her house broken after only a week that any accidents she has had were because we were too slow in getting her out the door when she told her she needed to go. She hasn’t had any overnight accidents at all so far in spite of changing food, which for those of you who don’t know can cause diarrhea until the puppy’s system gets used to the new food. She and Gideon get along wonderfully which makes me happy. My parents’ dogs are less than enthused about her and she does not understand why they won’t play with her. The thing that I was most concerned about was how she would react to cats because prior to living here she had no idea of their existence. She tries to get them to play by barking at them in typical puppy fashion but nothing more. The cats seem to have more issue with her then she does with them, they will sometimes hiss at her for no other reason than the fact that she’s in the same room. Over the past two nights, she has started spending part of the night sleeping on my bed. I’m encouraging this because my feet get cold at night and also because I have fairly recently begun to have spasms in my legs which keep me from going to sleep and/or randomly wake me up and I have noticed that these don’t happen when a dog is sleeping over my feet.

Introducing her to my power chair was a non-event. Every dog I’ve ever had, including Gideon, has startled a little bit the first time it moved. Pixie did not even blink and I’m pretty sure she’s never seen a wheelchair before it all. Walking on a leash beside the chair is getting better every day. She spends a portion of every day leashed to me so that she gets the idea that where I go she goes and that her place in life is beside me. I’ve had a couple people look at me funny when I explained this to them, many people think I’m being cruel by not letting them be a puppy. I’m not being cruel I am establishing boundaries and expectations similar to how a parent might set rules for a toddler, besides the fact that keeping her physically attached to me means that she cannot get into things that could easily make her sick. I don’t apologize for keeping my puppy safe.

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  1. I am often surprised by how much a pup can adopt a behavior over a short period. They are such an intelligent and lovable species. Lobed reading about how Pixie is slowly adapting to your household.

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