Day 412: And Then, There Was Lamb, A Pixie Pupdate

Yesterday the first lamb of the year was born. Yes, lamb as in baby sheep. My mom runs a small herd of sheep so we usually have a handful of lambs a year.The first one made her appearance yesterday morning. Sometimes mama sheep needs a little help,  but the baby was dry and on her feet by the time we noticed her. Pixie’s first reaction was to try and play with her like a toy, for which she was corrected. Today when my mom brought her inside for me to see, Pixie was very gentle with her and gave her a kiss just like Big Brother Gideon did. Yay for older and wiser “siblings”.

Pixie is thirteen weeks old now and growing like a weed. Her ears are completely upright now and she is already twice the size she was when we brought her home. She is housebroken and we are working on the basic commands: sit, down, stay, wait, heel, and leave it.  For bonus points and extra fun, I’m teaching the commands in both English and German. We’re still working our way through her puppy shots so no outings yet but they are coming.

Pixie 13 weeks


5 thoughts on “Day 412: And Then, There Was Lamb, A Pixie Pupdate

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  1. Your mum has a farm? A new born lamb must be such a delight, but then babies of all kind are delightful. Pixie looks like a cheerful soul. I love how her ears are standing up straight. Makes her look a little like a wolf.

  2. Yes and in a few weeks the lamb will be bouncing around like she has springs n her feet.I will try to get pictures.

  3. A wolf among the sheep is what came to my mind when I saw the pic of Pixie 😉 Lambs sound delightful and I envy the fun you would be having cuddling them up!

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