Day 414: To the Young People Who March, Keep It Up

I’m sitting here listening to the  Hamilton soundtrack again. It’s one of the playlists that gets put on repeat when I am contemplative, maybe because that mood often leads to writing.I’ve watched the reactions to the young people taking on the issue of gun control because our government doesn’t see the deaths of young people from gun violence as an issue. Many people say teenagers shouldn’t have a voice in politics I have two words for them: Alexander Hamilton.  Depending on which birth year you use he was in his late teens or early twenties when he was asked to be Washington’s aide de camp during the Revolutionary War and not much older than twenty-five when he was asked to be a delegate for New York in the first Congress. He was only thirty-four when he became Secretary of the Treasury. You can and should have a voice. This country has always.  been formed by those who refuse to be silenced. Keep speaking, keep showing up, keep writing. The reason they are trying to shut you up is that they are afraid of you. They are scared of the change you herald. If the status quo changes they might be a little uncomfortable or inconvenienced. Welcome to how the other half lives. Get used to it because as far as I can see these young revolutionaries aren’t going away anytime sig 2

3 thoughts on “Day 414: To the Young People Who March, Keep It Up

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  1. Oh absolutely. They are the future and their voices cannot be ignored. They inspire me and I hope they inspire the people in charge if making decisions.

  2. Exactly! A country’s youth is essentially the country’s voice. We need to listen to them and work with them. After all, They are going to rule tomorrow.

  3. I certainly hope they aren’t going anywhere. In a world that has gone rabidly dark, they stand out as hope that sanity prevails at least in the youth if not our own generation.

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