Day 417: Same Song, Second Verse?

pexels-photo-210764.jpegMay is my birthday month but if I’m being honest I’m not terribly optimistic. I had a rough time of it last year around this time and things seem to be playing variations on the same theme.Such is life I suppose. Don’t get me wrong small positive things have happened but given how quickly things changed direction last time, I kind of feel like I’m a second away from realizing I’ve been standing on a land mine and the second I shift my weight it’s going to blow up in my face. again.Before anybody gets too worried Oz and I are fine.  A friend that I haven’t talked to in at least a decade showed back up in my life again, out of the clear blue sky as it were. I have no idea what to make of this, or where it is going, The only thing I  know is that the minute expectations come into play I usually end up worse for it.

In other news, I’m having surgery in June. My toes stay at least partly curled in on themselves most of the time. This makes wearing shoes for any length of time very painful, so that’s getting fixed. Other things possibly on the table include putting my kneecaps where they are supposed and fixing the places where scar tissue has adhered to muscle. Fun times,

Coming Soon: A Pixie Pupdate: Pixie Goes to the Doctor (Mine Not Hers)

2 thoughts on “Day 417: Same Song, Second Verse?

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  1. Hope things get better soon. May be you you can talk openly to this friends and talk about the time between you two.
    Happy birthday in advance and I wish that it brings happiness and contentment to you.

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