Thoughts on suicide and disability or yes I’m still alive

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote anything. Normalcy, or what passes for it in my life is just now reestablishing itself. Yesterday Oz brought a headline to my attention which greatly disturbed me. An 18-year-old paraplegic woman hanged herself after being repeatedly cyber bullied. I read the article and from what I read the people spouting the ugliness were jealous because she was able to buy a house at 18. She was able to buy that house because when she was an infant she was involved in a car accident and the car seat failed which resulted in lifelong paralysis. The house was bought with the settlement from the car seat manufacturer.The young woman was repeatedly told that the bullies would push her off the mountain and kick her when she was dead. I assume all of this was in text or online format, the article was unclear whether someone had actually tried to physically harm her.I feel terrible for the young lady’s mother because no one should ever have to bury their child. I am angry because her so-called friends probably just blew off her request for help thinking that she wouldn’t actually kill herself. They were wrong and now they have to live with that for the rest of their lives. If you happen to be a disabled person struggling with something similar right now please hear this: if someone is harassing you online or via text through your phone block them, change your email address, change your phone number, stop using social media or create a new account. If you fear for your life apply for a restraining order those things can now encompass text and email and social media accounts. Tell someone and then tell another person and another person and another person until someone takes you seriously anything is better than ending your own life.

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