me in a nutshell

I’m a college student with a mind to speak and opinions to voice.  You may not like them but that’s okay.  I write a little bit of everything, poetry, prose, short story, political rant, you will probably find it here at some point. Feel free to comment on anything I write and ask any questions you want.  I do however reserve the right not to answer entirely or in as much detail as you might like. Rest assured that I will always say something in response, even if it is to set you to mind your own business.  Who am I?  I am sister, friend, daughter, writer and human.  I am R.E.K. Rachel, and Rachel Eileen. Bear Cub and Princess.  All these things describe me but no single phrase can describe me by itself.  I am an outspoken Mouse whose opinion is very much her own.Should you decide to tell me that I’m wrong on a particular subject prepared to defend your position because I most certainly will.

In case you’re wondering where a screen name like blue Rose girl comes from here is the short answer.  Some time ago a dear friend christened me that. Of all the names I have been given over the years ( including the ones I was given at birth) it is the one I hold most dear.  Any general questions can be left on this page and will be answered as soon as possible. Questions about a particular post should be left as a comment to that post and will also be answered as soon as possible.



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  1. Nice to meet you. You’ve gained a fan. I’m clicking on random posts and really enjoying them. You’re going to force me to check my blog-reader more than once a month, dammit.

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