Day 404: Books by Mail, Silver Lining of the Week, and a Poscript Concerning Public Transit

So I’m thinking of joining a book subscription service, in other words, books by mail. I have a few reasons for considering this including the fact that bad weather is making it difficult to get to my local library. Also,I like the idea of having something to look forward to in the mail every month.... Continue Reading →


Day 401: “Transable” My Ass

So there is a condition called Body Integrity Identity Disorder wherein a physically healthy person feels compelled to damage themselves until they become disabled. Some try to amputate their own limbs. Some do severe damage to the limbs in hopes of forcing an amputation. Sone has created accidents or thrown themselves off buildings in hopes of achieving permanent paralysis.... Continue Reading →

Day 400: I AM

This photo is one I took of me with my webcam right before I started writing this post. The lighting is not great and the camera is probably the least used feature of my laptop. I don't like selfies . I find the whole movement scary and depressing at the same time. So then why take... Continue Reading →

Day 399: Why I Blog,2017 Editon

An unattended death. It's what they call it when someone dies without anyone around them noticing the passing. Nobody notices when they stopped going to the grocery store or church. What relatives they might have are probably far away, if they have relatives at all. The brief candle flame of their life is extinguished into... Continue Reading →

Day 398: I’m still here

I love technology, some days it makes me want to pull my hair out and scream bloody murder. I just spent 45 minutes arguing with my headphones because in less it is sitting just so in the headphone jack my speech recognition program doesn't think it's there, who knew software could be temperamental. I can... Continue Reading →

Day 397: The Monster Again

My sister is in town from NYC. Whenever she's in town I always get super introspective about my life. She is rocking her personal version of success and I am thrilled for her. Then I  look at my life and am deflated.  I didn't plan on living in my parents' house at the age of... Continue Reading →

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