Day 219: 30 Days of Blogging

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Ice cream scoop filled with liquid to ease scooping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its the end of the month. I can’t believe I managed to post every day. Since it is only takes 21 days to establish a habit I hope it bodes well for the rest of my writing. I’m glad I did iv even though sometimes it has felt like scraping the bottom of my brain with an ice cream scoop. Onward to next month!


Day 206: Promises to my unborn children, step children, and their parents

An icon illustrating a parent and child
An icon illustrating a parent and child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t have children yet but since I now plan on it some day I have started to pay attention to parent bloggers and how they write about their kids. The cyberspace revolution didn’t even start until I was mime or ten so I did not grow up with my baby pictures uploaded to Facebook as a matter of course or the milestones of my childhood recorded in a blog. My girlfriend wrote to her firstborn in a blog during her pregnancy and I liked the idea so much I plan on writing an individual for any children I am blessed with. I also know that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry but I will try anyway. I will do my best not to post stories about them on my personal blog which might them cringe in embarrassment when they old enough to realize that Mommy or Stepmom as the case maybe has a blog and they are mentioned it.

I promise to always ask permission of a child’s parent(s) (both whenever possible( before I write about them or post a picture I may have them on the net. Yes,the world is a lot safer than it used to be and I am not one to jump at shadows but as parenting blogs continue to evolve we as the adults should remember that we are responsible for their safety as well as the outside world’s perception of them and that is a fragile trust indeed. To my partners and the parents of their children: thank for allowing me to share in the blessing that is you child(ren’s) lives and know that I will love and protect them like my own.

Day 165: it’s four years later and I’m still here


English: WordPress Logo
English: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

November of this year Writer’s Desk will be four years old. Wow. A lot has happened in those four years, most of which I never  expected. My main purpose in starting the blog was to have a place to decompress and be myself. I never expected other people to read it, four years later my post about my relationship to a Peanuts character gets 27 hits on the day it was published. I have had several blog spaces before but WordPress is the only one I have stuck with long-term. I think it’s because I started Writer’s Desk of my own volition and not because I felt pressured into doing so which is how I felt with my LiveJournal and several others. I am not exactly the person I was four years ago and just like me this blog has evolved since its first post. You might notice that if you go looking for that post you will not find it. Is the only post within the blog labeled private and it will stay that way. I have met some wonderful people through the medium of this blog and I’m profoundly grateful for their presence in my life even though we only know each other through comments left on one another’s blogs. Overall I have become a much more confident person. I am less afraid to share my opinions and considerably less worried about what other people think that I was when I first started writing here. I always encourage people to comment whether they agree with me on on a subject or not and I will continue to do so because I believe the ability to express different opinions in a nonconfrontational manner is an important skill that we should all regularly exercise. Who knows where I’ll be another four years but I can guarantee you I will still be writing in this blog.


Day 140: C’mon folks we’re all adults here right?

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I was browsing through the blogs I read when I came across something sad. Some of the blogs I  read are more personal, some are more topic centered and some are somewhere in between. I read Courage 2 Create to remind myself that’s ok for life to get in the way of writing sometimes, my life does that a lot. Recently the author of the aforementioned blog suffered discrimination because of something which had nothing to with his ability to write. (He was asking to be a guest blogger , the link is to the post on his blog,it gives more details.) I understand that is a blog keepers personal choice who to allow to write guest posts and whether or not to allow guests at all. I can only assume that this blog has had guest bloggers before .though I’m not exactly sure since Ollin has more class  then to trash this person  and her blog in his. If, for some strange reason, something I write here prompts you to want to write a longer response than can fit in the comments section feel free to ask to guest post. I will be putting up a Non-Discrimination Policy Page to Writer’s Desk and Gideon’s Golden Way soon because, no matter if anyone chooses to use the opportunity discrimination is wrong  and if my small stand against makes a difference then I’m happy.

Day 124: To delete or not to delete….that is the question

Keep = delete
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While surfing another blog site I frequent I came across this post and it made me think. I don’t delete my blog posts or comments. I have several defunct blogs on other sites that stand as a now mute testament of my refusal  to delete. I also don’t delete the comments of those who happen to disagree with the opinions I may express in my posts. I firmly believe that world would be a lot saner if we all learned the art of civil disagreement. I have written a few posts, like this one which have resulted in disagreements but all parties remained reasonably  civil. By civil I mean that  there were no four letter words exchanged.

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Image by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center via Flickr

Do you blog anonymously or do you blog as “yourself” and why?

Prompt found at The Daily Post here on WordPress.

When I first started this blog I didn’t use my given name, depending on the subject I may use my name and I may not.  My initial reason for not using my name was simple: I didn’t want anybody I knew in “real-life” to stumble on the blog uninvited and know that I said things which they might very well disagree with and therefore start a not necessarily nice debate. I have noticed something however, the longer I write the less concerned I am  about people who disagree with my viewpoint.  I have decided this year to be who I am and make no apologies.  I will not  deliberately incite unrest, I am not a verbal anarchist but neither shall I remain silent when I think something is important.I welcome debate, but not mudslinging, world politics has too much of that already, “blog politics” doesn’t need it.  I leave you with this: my name is Rachel, those of you who  know my last name probably are at least personally acquainted with me, those of you who don’t will not find it here.  Either way know that I sincerely appreciate anyone who reads this blog, if you have read it for very long at all you probably realize that I have self-esteem issues at the best of times, the fact that people read even if they don’t comment assures me that I’m not screaming into a black hole with no one to hear.

day thirty eight:more reasons why I personally keep a blog, and why it has saved my book

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I am still surprised at how much this attention this blog has gotten  in the fairly recent past.  I started  it is nothing more than a repository for my thoughts.  It was a last ditch effort to keep writing fun for me, a place where I didn’t feel obligated or under pressure to write and with the pressure and overhanging sense of obligation gone I write.  What I never expected was for other people to write me back.  When I began I wrote out of desperation now I write in the hope of hearing even just one small voice cheering me on in the distance.  Even constructive criticism has that effect.  If a person offers constructive criticism I don’t take it negatively because the person’s comment is in effect saying to me, “I believe in you and I want to help you become someone greater than you are at this present moment.”  Some of the people reading this might be aware that I have a half written manuscript gathering dust on my hard drive.  To be honest, I haven’t touched it in months, every time I have tried I am overwhelmed with a horrible case of performance anxiety and anything I managed to write sounds stilted and two-dimensional and therefore gets scrapped almost as soon as I write it.I have discovered that the comments and even just the simple views that this blog accumulates are slowly helping to rebuild my confidence in myself as a competent writer, for that simple gift I will never be able to say thank you enough.

Why blog?

Message in a bottle.
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Several days ago, during the commercial breaks for Criminal Minds, I found myself explaining the concept of blogging to a friend. I explained the various reasons and things about  which people keep blogs. Because of that conversation I started thinking about why I personally keep one.  Believe it or not I was originally dragged into the world of blogs kicking and  screaming.When I was 19 a friend of mine pestered me about not having one, so much so that I finally created a LiveJournal account to finally have some peace on the subject. It has been years since I posted there. Since then my writing has matured vastly, at least in terms of construction, the subject matter can still be rather mundane at times I suppose.  Sometimes I wonder why I blog.At the risk of being thought less of I will be honest. My disability and the decided lack of public transport where I live means that I don’t go out nearly as often as I would like. Blogging therefore has become a way to keep contact with the rest of the world. People leave comments sporadically but thanks to the stat  tracker I  realize that just  because no one left a comment doesn’t mean it wasn’t read. As a matter of fact this blog has garnered far more attention than I ever thought it would. I used to believe that I might as well be putting a note in a bottle and casting it adrift for no reason. I have happily discovered I was wrong.