Day 419: Pixie Pupdate or an Open Letter to My Doctor’s Office

Dear Dr's Office Staff: Hi, it's me again. The woman in the wheelchair with two service dogs from this morning. I know one of them wasn't wearing a vest. We looked high and low for it yesterday and. then some more this morning before coming to the office. So I understand why you felt the... Continue Reading →


Day 418: More Things About Cerebral Palsy You Probably Want to Know But Are Afraid to Ask

I feel eyes follow me whenever I leave the house. They may be watching me talk to my service dog or service dog in training. You may see me push a grocery cart with one hand while driving my chair with the other. Sometimes another adult will feed me all or part of my meal... Continue Reading →

Day 354: Kimmy

Today I am reminded that I am lucky. Even though I was born with cerebral palsy with the exception of my orthopedic surgeries I have only been hospitalized for "normal" things, pneumonia,  strep throat, the flu. My immune system isn't exceptionally weak, in fact, I am almost never sick and I have never even come... Continue Reading →

day five: I am nobody’s victim

l was browsing for books, both paper and digital since I received a Kindle for Christmas.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered the biography of someone affected by Cerebral Palsy.  In the excerpt provided by the web site the person was described as a "victim" of Cerebral Palsy. They use out of the word... Continue Reading →

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