Day 415: To Cure or Not to Cure, That is the Question

So March is Cerebral Palsy and I feel like a total slacker. I meant to spend this month blogging about my disability so of course, depression reared it's ugly head on top of the news of another school shooting and predictable inaction from most of our government because it wasn't their child who was involved.  When... Continue Reading →


Day 354: Kimmy

Today I am reminded that I am lucky. Even though I was born with cerebral palsy with the exception of my orthopedic surgeries I have only been hospitalized for "normal" things, pneumonia,  strep throat, the flu. My immune system isn't exceptionally weak, in fact, I am almost never sick and I have never even come... Continue Reading →

day five: I am nobody’s victim

l was browsing for books, both paper and digital since I received a Kindle for Christmas.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered the biography of someone affected by Cerebral Palsy.  In the excerpt provided by the web site the person was described as a "victim" of Cerebral Palsy. They use out of the word... Continue Reading →

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