Day 252: Since When is a Child’s Murder Understandable?

I am a disabled woman who kids kids eventually. Even though my disability isn't caused but a birth or genetic defect but rather by a simple case of bad timing (I was two months and ten days early) and a lack of oxygen to the brain the fact that I am disables makes any pregnancy... Continue Reading →


Day 213 : I Am A Teacher

Though I have never taught in a public, private, or charter school I consider myself a teacher. I teach a tiny piece of Biology every time in a retail store or a restaurant asks me, “what's wrong with you?” My answer varies slightly depending on the age of the child but is usually something to... Continue Reading →

Day121:Your kid has a what?

At what age do you think it's appropriate for children to get cell phones? Prompt found at Plinky . I was in college when I got my first cell phone. I haven't personally had a cell for several years because of this screwed up economy but when I did I paid my own bill. My... Continue Reading →

Day 119: and then there was…

On May 20, 1985 I came into the world for better, worse, or somewhere in between I don't think the Universe has decided yet. I read something today that struck a chord. In the past I have been known to edit myself in my writing afraid that people I knew would see it and feel... Continue Reading →

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