Day 249: A Confession and a Website Review

I am a name nerd. I've had a fascination with names since grade school. My mom is a name nerd too, it just might be genetic. I have only one sibling but you'd never guess that if the only thing you saw were the number of name books on our shelves. In all of my... Continue Reading →


Day 248: I Will be Great

I used to think that if I wished hard enough that was isn'y at twenty six I decided to change the game. Most of the people I know probably thought I'd live with my folks for most of my life..I moved out of state a week before my last birthday. I'm scared but I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 101 : Monsters and Ghosts

Monsters are real and ghosts are real too and sometimes they win Stephen King Anybody who knows me very well will probably tell you that Criminal Minds is one of my favorite television shows. The more I think about it I realized that it could very easily be obvious to strangers considering that I named... Continue Reading →

Why blog?

Several days ago, during the commercial breaks for Criminal Minds, I found myself explaining the concept of blogging to a friend. I explained the various reasons and things about¬† which people keep blogs. Because of that conversation I started thinking about why I personally keep one.¬† Believe it or not I was originally dragged into... Continue Reading →

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