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  1. Day 183: Culture for Kids: Children in Typically Adult Spaces

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    October 23, 2012 by bluerosegirl08

    Children in adult spaces, most people have an opinion on the subject if you ask them,, even if they’ve never …
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  2. Day 97: why I am sometimes afraid to write


    October 11, 2011 by bluerosegirl08

    My life and the things that happen in it are probably dull as glue to most people outside of my …
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  3. Day 72: there may be no place like home but I’d sure like to visit…


    September 1, 2011 by bluerosegirl08

    If you could be part of any fictional universe, what would it be? And why? (For example Star Wars, Mad …
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  4. Day 65: if you ever thought this blog may be mildly schizophrenic there is a reason


    August 15, 2011 by bluerosegirl08

    Do you blog anonymously or do you blog as “yourself” and why? Prompt found at The Daily Post here on …
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  5. Day 64: sometimes I think I might implode


    August 14, 2011 by bluerosegirl08

    Can anger be constructive? Prompt taken from The Daily Post at WordPress.   I believe that anger can be constructive …
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  6. Day 55: the ink debate… or why I got a tattoo and will probably get a few more


    August 3, 2011 by bluerosegirl08

    In answer to the prompt would you get a tattoo found at The Daily Post blog here on WordPress my …
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