Day 297: Next Question Please


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The Pulitzer Prize gold medal award 한국어: 퓰리처상 공공 보도 부문 상인 금메달 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick Questions.”

Putting aside the improbability of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist wanting to interview me about anything,let me go and save this hypothetical person some trouble and tell you some of the questions I hope don’t come up and my likely reactions if they came up anyway.

  • If a cure was developed for your disease would you take it? First let me make something clear. Cerebral Palsy is a condition, not a disease. You can’t catch it from me or anyone else. Second, the short answer is I don’t know. The reason I’m uncomfortable with that question is that no matter what I answer I’m on the defensive. If its an able person asks and I say no they are confused.  If there were a means of fixing the issues that I struggle with and complain about why wouldn’t I?  How could I be so selfish as to disregard what family/caregivers have to go through and choose to stay dependant instead of lifting that burden from them? If lts a disabled person asking and I say yes there are questions about why I can’t seem to be content with the hand I’ve been dealt and suggestions that I’m looking down on other disabled  people who wouldn’t make the same choice.  I think that either chioce is very personal  and nobody from either side has the right to cast stones at someone who chooses differently than them.
  • You were homeschooled? Was it for religious reasons? NO! People home school for a lot of reasons, some of which have little or nothing to do with a family’s  beliefs. My sister and I were being bullied in elementary school, not by other children, but by adults in positions of authority.

Day 183: Culture for Kids: Children in Typically Adult Spaces

Rabbit of Seville
Rabbit of Seville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Children in adult spaces, most people have an opinion on the subject if you ask them,, even if they’ve never voiced it before and people on both sides of the question can be VERY adamant in defense of their position. Here is my take on it, based solely on my opinions and my experience when growing up. Should you take a child to a nice restaurant? In this case the definition of “nice restaurant”would be one with cloth table coverings, cloth napkins and the option of ordering from a selection of wine to be served with the meal. The answer in my opinion depends on the age and maturity level of the child. I would not take most toddlers to a play unless it was specifically a children’s theater production,. If I was going to introduce a grade school child to the symphony or ballet it would probably be through Mozart’s Magic flute or the Nutcracker Suite. Relatively recently some orchestras have played the music for The Rabbit of Seville and other Bugs Bunny cartoons where classical pieces are used I would definitely take a child to those if they were interested in going.

Before anybody cringes in horror let me assure you that the child would be made well aware of the standards of behavior expected of him or her and the consequences of misbehavior. Most importantly in my opinion a trip to a nice restaurant, the symphony, or ballet would have to be something they had expressed interest in themselves before I would even consider taking them. I believe that a significant percentage of misbehavior by children in adult oriented settings stems from not wanting to be there in the first place..

I would also like to address those people who show at Walmart after midnight with their screaming infant and/or preschool-aged child. What are you thinking? Of course they are cranky and crying, it is way past their bedtime and any nightmare I have within the next week will probably include echoes of your child.

This opinion piece has been brought to you by The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge. That’s my two cents on the subject what’s yours?

Day 97: why I am sometimes afraid to write

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My life and the things that happen in it are probably dull as glue to most people outside of my family. There is however a reason I keep this blog public. I am terribly shy most of the time. If I don’t have the courage to write down (at least some) details of my relatively boring day-to-day existence how will I ever gather up the courage to send a completed manuscript to a complete stranger? If I cannot take the opposing views of others in stride on my personal blog, how well will I deal with the rejection slips that I know the mail carrier will bring eventually? I consider this blog a test run, an exercise from which I hope to develop a thicker skin when it comes to criticism. So far it seems to be working

If you could be part of any fictional universe, what would it be? And why? (For example Star Wars, Mad Men, Hamlet, etc.)

Prompt taken from The Daily Post here at Word press.

I’m pretty sure even someone who knows me only as a casual acquaintance will think they know the answer to the above question, Harry Potter of course. Those people will probably be at least a little surprised to discover that it isn’t the answer at all.  I love J.K Rowling‘s world a lot,  so much so that my sister and I are planning to go to the Harry Potter theme park next year . However the fictional place I’d like to visit most is the small New England town of Haven. By the standards of that town I’m normal in spite of the wheelchair and accompanying canine. The only “troubles” I’ve ever had are those caused by run of the mill brain damage. It would be nice to be normal somewhere.

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Image by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center via Flickr

Do you blog anonymously or do you blog as “yourself” and why?

Prompt found at The Daily Post here on WordPress.

When I first started this blog I didn’t use my given name, depending on the subject I may use my name and I may not.  My initial reason for not using my name was simple: I didn’t want anybody I knew in “real-life” to stumble on the blog uninvited and know that I said things which they might very well disagree with and therefore start a not necessarily nice debate. I have noticed something however, the longer I write the less concerned I am  about people who disagree with my viewpoint.  I have decided this year to be who I am and make no apologies.  I will not  deliberately incite unrest, I am not a verbal anarchist but neither shall I remain silent when I think something is important.I welcome debate, but not mudslinging, world politics has too much of that already, “blog politics” doesn’t need it.  I leave you with this: my name is Rachel, those of you who  know my last name probably are at least personally acquainted with me, those of you who don’t will not find it here.  Either way know that I sincerely appreciate anyone who reads this blog, if you have read it for very long at all you probably realize that I have self-esteem issues at the best of times, the fact that people read even if they don’t comment assures me that I’m not screaming into a black hole with no one to hear.

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Can anger be constructive?

Prompt taken from The Daily Post at WordPress.


I believe that anger can be constructive for most people, I am not so sure if my anger in particular would be classified as constructive in any situation.  Most of the time if I get angry at something it grows slowly it feels as though it’s choking me.I get angry easier than some people.  It would be easy to blame my anger on the feelings of helplessness which are unfortunately a regular side effect of my disability, but I’m not sure that my disability is completely to blame for my anger issues.  Sometime my anger builds on itself and sometimes it overwhelms me and then I think I temporarily mutate into some kind of firebreathing harpy.  I think my anger more on the constructive side if I were able to do something physical with it.  I have discovered however that because my main outlet is writing my anger does absolutely nothing for it. I’ve tried to write while angry with very little success.  I even find it difficult to write a villain while angry because I can’t focus on the character.  I really command those people who can modify their anger into a form of creativity, I have learned that it is harder than it appears.

Day 55: the ink debate… or why I got a tattoo and will probably get a few more

In answer to the prompt would you get a tattoo found at The Daily Post blog here on WordPress my answer is yes I have.  I currently have a blue rose with the Welsh word for sweetheart written in calligraphy script on my left arm, much to my grandmother’s continuous dismay and disappointment.  As most people who read this blog are already aware I am disabled, because I am physically disabled many people mistakenly believe I am mentally deficient as well.  It is a constant battle not to end up screaming at wall meaning strangers when they automatically speak to me on the same level as they would an elementary school child. Since anybody wishing to get a tattoo as to sign a form stating that they are mentally aware enough to make that decision my  rose effectively shows people that I’m not as slow as I may first appear.  I am seriously considering getting a few more mostly because I like tattoos and the designs, like my rose before them, would represent people, things, and events in my life which are very important to me.