Day 267: in Defense Of Cool Parents

Growing up most of the kids in our neighborhood thought of my parents as the "cool parents". Not because there weren't any rules, believe me when both of your parents have served in the military there are rules. They were, and still are, considered cool because they would listen to both my sister and I... Continue Reading →


Day 243: The Year of the Reunion, or Some Things I Want People To Know

    2013 marks the ten year anniversary of my high school graduation a formal occasion during which our principal tried (unsuccessfully) to stop the assembled crowd of well wishers from cheering every single person as they walked across the stage to get their diploma. Before graduation ,I had briefly considered walking to get mine... Continue Reading →

Day 88: Sing… It’s good for you

I'm not actually talking about the act of singing, although that is definitely good for you. I'm actually referring to the song Sing. If someone had told me when I was in high school.I would like bands like My Chemical Romance I would have probably laughed in their face, that was more my sister's thing.... Continue Reading →

Day 86: Loser Like Me

Believe it or not this is actually a positive post so nobody need feel obligated to try and cheer me up I'm fine. Loser like me  is actually a song off of the TV show Glee (I am a choir geek remember) but it isn't a cover of someone else's work it's actually an original ... Continue Reading →

Day 67:The short bus story

I attended public school for most of my compulsory education.  I also had the dubious fortune of riding what was commonly known as "the short bus."  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this piece of slang, the short bus is a mildly derogatory name for the bus that the special needs students... Continue Reading →

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