Day 218: Relationships And What I’ve Learned

People who say relationships are easy probably haven't been in a serious one yet. Every day there is conscious choice to continue. I am currently several states away from both of the people I care about and to say the separation is awful is a massive understatement. Love is beautiful and complicated. One of the... Continue Reading →


Day 200: My anniversary is the day AFTER The End of the World

I realized something kind of funny just now...the one year anniversary of relationship with Oz is the day after the world is supposed to cease to exist. For anybody who didn't follow that let me clarify, the end of the world is supposed to be December 21 2012. Our anniversary falls on December 22 20... Continue Reading →

Day 118: Internal slug repellant

The past few years can be summed up in one word...stressful. I am starting to realize that some of that has to with my reactions to other people. I live with some very annoying people but the things that annoy me about them probably won't change any time soon. So instead of getting upset about... Continue Reading →

Day 71: The String Story

In an effort to be slightly more cheerful than I have been of late I bring you The String Story.Have you ever found yourself laughing at something so mundane that other people laugh just because they think your reaction is funny?  I have a friend who speaks with an Irish accent because he spent a... Continue Reading →

Day 66: Knock, knock….

August 16 National Tell a Joke Day at Holiday Insights Looking up obscure celebrated days I found there was an actual Tell a Joke Day and its today. So make someone laugh today., and please no crossing the road jokes.......those are awful.

Day 60:wading through typos….an apology

I  feel the need to apologize for the plethora of typos which sporadically litter this blog.   I have had many college English classes.....enough that  I should proofread better than I have been lately. My only excuse  is that my speech recognition software sometimes appears to have a mind of its own and I suppose I... Continue Reading →

Squirrel Appreciation Day

That's right folks... today or yesterday depending on when you read this is/was squirrel appreciation Day.  The day when we have to admit that even though they may eat our strawberries, irritate our dogs beyond belief, and dive bomb our heads with assorted varieties of nuts,they are pretty cute, the pests.

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