Day 138: The things that shine

It's  amazing what or who a song can prompt you to think about. I have also found it to be true that an artist  you are pretty sure you can't stand will often come up with a song that you like.  Enter my relationship with Taylor Swift.I like country music just not hers....... usually. Then... Continue Reading →



I'll admit today has not been my best day...I'm going to say goodbye to Kurby later and I'm sure I'm gonna cry some but I think I won't cry half as much as I thought now.This youtube video was posted on face book. True story One day a son asks his father: "Daddy, will you... Continue Reading →

Day 105: Aftermath

Before anyone asks, no, I'm not ok. I will be though. Kurby was never one for tears,I only cried twice today so I think I'm doing ok. He must have decided that the after life had a nasty infestation of Orcs and he JUST COULDN'T sit by and let them stage a coup! Give some... Continue Reading →

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