Day 306: Not the Post I Planned to Write or My New Theme Song

So the Ambassadors X song Renegades  has been haunting me for weeks, every time I’ve turned around it’s playing. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to get up and move, even me, who has rarely made dancing in a wheelchair look cool or even coordinated, unlike some people I know. It’s the song you go to the concert to sing at the top of your lungs even though you will have no voice for the next three days. Yesterday I decided to check Youtube to see if there was a music video because I was going to reference it in a “yes we can change the world damn it” type post. I found the official video. Cheered and cried all the way through. Their renegades? Disabled people. A blind person doing Olympic style weightlifting. A blind person skateboarding. A person with one arm boxing. People with no legs or arms wrestling. Growing up disabled, society expects us to live quiet lives. The people in the video are doing anything but and the band thought it was important  to show that. So if anybody connected with thw band sees this, thank you. You had a fan anyway because the song rocks but the video takes the cake. It is my new theme song.


Day 147: The Man in the Mirror

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English: Silhouette of Michael Jackson Русский: Silhouette of Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of things have been said about Michael Jackson. I will not comment on that because quite frankly I’m not sure what to think anymore.  What I do know is that “Man in the Mirror ” needed to be written and recorded. So many people wait for miracles to happen and it never occurs to them that they can be the change they are waiting for and I think that is just terribly sad. I believe that some famous person once said “be the change you desire to see in the world ” or something very close to that  These times are not the easiest on anybody but perhaps  if e realized  that may be just maybe we were put on this earth to save in big ways and small perhaps the human race would be a little bit better for it.

Day 115:Brothers

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‘ I’ve known my oldest friend since I was 4 years old. If ever there was a case of head over heels blind hero worship that was it. I was 4 and he was 15. From the time we met I was the little tag along shadow to him and his friend Jesse whenever the three of us were at the same place. Actually perhaps it would be more more accurate to describe me as a benign and well loved growth due to the fact that at the age of four I wasn’t anywhere near able to walk and had to be carried if I wasn’t in my chair. I freely admit to the probability that those boys spoiled me to the best of their teenage ability. In return I forgave them anything, including but not limited to, the fact that they spun me around in an office chair until the g force nearly sent me flying and I threw up on them. We’re all grown up now and I’m proud of them beyond measure. Jesse has got his Doctorate in music. A Doctorate! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that.

Corey was a medic in the Army for a while and is now a police officer in a small town. He loves his job and because he does I try not to panic every day. Small town or not, police work isn’t exactly hazard free. To him, I will always be his trooper, the girl who broke her legs, narrowly missed breaking her neck and instead of complaining about pain was upset because I was going to miss supper. Three days later I was saying “let’s do that again, minus the flipped cart.” He laughed. We haven’t always been in the same state but we’ve always been there for each other, even if it was only telephone. I have said many times that a lot of my life is unfair . In this case I think I got luckier than I derserve. Those guys are two of my life’s big biggest blessings.

Day 98: a.m. blues or why the Notre Dame marching band rocks my socks

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Yes I realize rocks my socks is kind of a silly phrase but it is one of the many things I picked up from my college roomie over at In Case Of Use  Stairs. Anyone who went to college with me can probably tell you that I was never particularly enthusiastic about the football program much to some people’s chagrin. That being said I have a great appreciation for marching band as both my sister and one of my uncles participated in it during high school. Okay technically my sister was colorguard but it counts because they were  hand in glove with the band. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this YouTube video yesterday morning when my antidepressants were slow to kick in. The artist is a group is OK Go and far as I know that really is the Notre Dame’s marching band. Happy Friday folks and remember: This Too Shall Pass.

Day 88: Sing… It’s good for you

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I’m not actually talking about the act of singing, although that is definitely good for you. I’m actually referring to the song Sing. If someone had told me when I was in high school.I would like bands like My Chemical Romance I would have probably laughed in their face, that was more my sister’s thing. It’s amazing how people can change between high school and college. In the current world where it is easy to think that one voice doesn’t matter the song reminds people that revolutions can and do start with a single voice struggling to be heard above the mass of popular opinion. One voice can change the world. When did we forget that?

Day 51 : Dave Matthews Band and me, an excerpt from the soundtrack of my life

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I was introduced to the Dave Matthews Band when I was in high school.  Since that introduction I have continued to listen to the artist’s music even though I admittedly can’t tell you which song comes from which album.  As sometimes happens, I was originally introduced to the music through a friend of mine who I swear carried a guitar with him pretty much all the time.  The song I remember the best was “Crash Into Me,” the lyrics of which I will refrain from posting just in case someone reading this finds them just a little bit beyond risqué.I remember listening to it on the radio and like most people I got some of the words wrong, so because I knew Chad knew the song well enough to get the lyrics right I asked him to play it for me.  Suffice it to say that I very quickly recognized where my mistakes had been and was quite red in the face as a result.  After graduation we all scattered, and promises that were meant to be kept were forgotten on all sides.  In spite of all this every time I hear that song I think of Chad and the teasing I got for blushing at the lyrics.  He is all the way in California now on I’m still in Tennessee but I have found that in spite of the distance he is a better friend to me than many we know who still live here. For better or worse we are not the people we were in high school but because of that song I’m a better person than I would have been.