Day 234: Average Ordinary Everyday Superhero: a Valentine’s Day Challenge For All

I became an organ donor a few weeks after my 18th birthday when I went to the DMV and got my first date ID. Even before that at around the age of 12 I informed my parents that if I were to die unexpectedly while still a minor I wanted them to donate my organs... Continue Reading →


Day 232: A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day

It is February again and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. While I am not single anymore that has not always been the case and I admit to feeling exceptionally awkward about my single state the closer it got to the holiday. I do not believe that Valentine's Day is a holiday simply made... Continue Reading →

Day 220: Good Intentions

  Well you know what they say about good intentions. They also say better late than never so I'm going to go with that one. In my defense, if I only need one, we have been preparing to drive Little Man in the local Christmas parade. The idea is more than a little intimidating because... Continue Reading →

Day 101 : Monsters and Ghosts

Monsters are real and ghosts are real too and sometimes they win Stephen King Anybody who knows me very well will probably tell you that Criminal Minds is one of my favorite television shows. The more I think about it I realized that it could very easily be obvious to strangers considering that I named... Continue Reading →

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