Day 267: in Defense Of Cool Parents

Growing up most of the kids in our neighborhood thought of my parents as the "cool parents". Not because there weren't any rules, believe me when both of your parents have served in the military there are rules. They were, and still are, considered cool because they would listen to both my sister and I... Continue Reading →


Day 252: Since When is a Child’s Murder Understandable?

I am a disabled woman who kids kids eventually. Even though my disability isn't caused but a birth or genetic defect but rather by a simple case of bad timing (I was two months and ten days early) and a lack of oxygen to the brain the fact that I am disables makes any pregnancy... Continue Reading →

Day 247: My Parents Taught Me to Swear

My parents taught me to swear, sort of. To be completely accurate they taught me the more or less appropriate times to swear. I say more or less because in my grandmother's opinion there is absolutely no situations in which cursing or swearing (pick whichever word works for you) is appropriate. However I was taught... Continue Reading →

Day 143: Mother’s Day and Love

Today is Mother's Day. The one thing that the human race has in common with each other in spite of all the rest of our cultural differences… We all have parents. Whether we like them, have issues with them, or don't know at all we all came from somewhere. Today I can't help but think... Continue Reading →

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