Day 66: Knock, knock….

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August 16 National Tell a Joke Day at Holiday Insights

Looking up obscure celebrated days I found there was an actual Tell a Joke Day and its today. So make someone laugh today., and please no crossing the road jokes…….those are awful.


Squirrel Appreciation Day

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That’s right folks… today or yesterday depending on when you read this is/was squirrel appreciation Day.  The day when we have to admit that even though they may eat our strawberries, irritate our dogs beyond belief, and dive bomb our heads with assorted varieties of nuts,they are pretty cute, the pests.

the aftermath of rough play

In case anybody who reads my blog has been wondering why I’ve been gone let me catch you up to speed. On the night of Sept. 30 I  broke both of my legs in a grand total of three places, the femur in my left leg and the two shorter bones in my right leg. The accident was horse related and I’d was in no way the fault  of my horse, it was strictly my errors in judgment which resulted in my injuries. The end result is that I have a rod in one leg and plates and screws in the other, and can no longer undergo MRI’s . Besides that its business as usual folks.