Day 241: In Which I Admit More Than a Passing Resemblance To Chicken Little

So I've been in Ohio a little over a month and as I expected there is a lot that is different now that I live in another state. For instance we currently live in an apartment complex where over half of the residents are 55 and older, that has definitely taken some getting used to.... Continue Reading →


Day 134: Guess What?

I am in Ohio. I am in the same freaking zip code as my boyfriend..... in the same house even. All I  have to say is thank God(dess) it took bloody long enough! I haven't stopped smiling yet. For anybody who also reads Gideon's blog he's with me and has been really good in the... Continue Reading →

day 52: This is just sad….

Disclaimer: The following post reflects my views on a certain political and social issue. I understand that not everyone will agree with me. Feel free to comment but know that excessively nasty comments will be deleted.  This makes me so sad. I have said many times that I would rather live anywhere but Tennessee but... Continue Reading →

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