Day 194: The Person I Might Have Been

I read a blog post recently that struck a little closer to home than usual. It was written by the parent of a special needs child, the post was about coming to terms with the child that is as opposed to the child that might have been. What some folks don't realize is that disabled... Continue Reading →


Day 186: I wish I were a zombie

Every year on a weekend prior to Halloween Nashville is invaded by zombies and has been for at least the last two years that I know of. Nashville's annual Zombie Walk is a Halloween event which is free to the public although a donation of nonperishable food items for our branch Of the Second Harvest... Continue Reading →

day 52: This is just sad….

Disclaimer: The following post reflects my views on a certain political and social issue. I understand that not everyone will agree with me. Feel free to comment but know that excessively nasty comments will be deleted.  This makes me so sad. I have said many times that I would rather live anywhere but Tennessee but... Continue Reading →

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