Day 277 Grove Wars Prologue rewrite: introducing female lead as disabled

  So I've started work rewriting my manuscript now that I have decided to make the heroine disabled. I also downloaded WriteMonkey a minimal distraction writing software which you can download for free. I love it. You can change your font and background colors as well as font styles if you want. When the program... Continue Reading →


Day 251: Sometimes Blogs Are Like Children or How a Monolouge Became a Conversation When I Wasn’t Looking

  Writing is a funny, thing you start wth one thing in mind and buy thr time you pause for break be somewhere else entirely. When I started the blog I never expected followers I just wanted space that was “mine” something that is somewhat hard to find when your physically dependent on caregivers (some... Continue Reading →

Day 122 :the technology bound writer

A blinking cursor and a blank page:the bane of all writers. So when all else fails write about the blinking cursor. Most writers have had the option of using a simple pencil and spiral notebook at some point. I have never had that option. My handwriting (if somebody feels kind enough to describe the graphite... Continue Reading →

Day 93: morning writing exercise

I have heard that if you write three pages of writing in the morning (approximately 750 words)  you will find that your mind is less cluttered and it may be easier to focus because your brain is not bouncing around as many unrelated ideas. The original exercise was meant to be done in longhand, with... Continue Reading →

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