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  1. Day 274: In Praise of Pen and Paper(From Someone Who Can’t Use Them)

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    February 18, 2014 by bluerosegirl08

    My handwriting sucks. Let me rephrase: my printing sucks. What most people consider handwriting, that is to say cursive handwriting, …
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  2. Day 259: My thoughts on being a “real writer” on the eve of becoming a cyborg


    January 3, 2014 by bluerosegirl08

      It is January 3, 2014 and I’m committed to writing another 363 posts this year. I have tried unsuccessfully …
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  3. Day 239: Sometimes You Just Don’t See The Lightning Coming or Manuscripts, Facebook And Cross-Country Running

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    April 7, 2013 by bluerosegirl08

      I feel as though I have been running cross country for most of my life, at least mentally. Earlier …
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  4. Day 203: An Elf of Deadly Poision, Serial Part 1

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    November 14, 2012 by bluerosegirl08

    Rain lashed the windows outside the high rise office building. The man sitting behind the hand crafted desk was one …
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  5. Day 93: morning writing exercise


    September 28, 2011 by bluerosegirl08

    I have heard that if you write three pages of writing in the morning (approximately 750 words)  you will find …
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  6. Day 90: Story… Who are we to judge?


    September 23, 2011 by bluerosegirl08

    I will be the first to admit that Stephen King is a talented writer even though I do not care …
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  7. Day 64: sometimes I think I might implode


    August 14, 2011 by bluerosegirl08

    Can anger be constructive? Prompt taken from The Daily Post at WordPress.   I believe that anger can be constructive …
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