Day 419: Pixie Pupdate or an Open Letter to My Doctor’s Office

Dear Dr's Office Staff: Hi, it's me again. The woman in the wheelchair with two service dogs from this morning. I know one of them wasn't wearing a vest. We looked high and low for it yesterday and. then some more this morning before coming to the office. So I understand why you felt the... Continue Reading →


Day 418: More Things About Cerebral Palsy You Probably Want to Know But Are Afraid to Ask

I feel eyes follow me whenever I leave the house. They may be watching me talk to my service dog or service dog in training. You may see me push a grocery cart with one hand while driving my chair with the other. Sometimes another adult will feed me all or part of my meal... Continue Reading →

Day 417: Same Song, Second Verse?

May is my birthday month but if I'm being honest I'm not terribly optimistic. I had a rough time of it last year around this time and things seem to be playing variations on the same theme.Such is life I suppose. Don't get me wrong small positive things have happened but given how quickly things... Continue Reading →

Day 414: To the Young People Who March, Keep It Up

I'm sitting here listening to the  Hamilton soundtrack again. It's one of the playlists that gets put on repeat when I am contemplative, maybe because that mood often leads to writing.I've watched the reactions to the young people taking on the issue of gun control because our government doesn't see the deaths of young people from gun violence as an... Continue Reading →

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