Day 416: Bookmail Volume Two Amy Bloom, White Houses

The good news is my draft folder has been getting a workout lately but I'm late writing this installment of Bookmail. White Houses by Amy Bloom is the second book I have gotten through my Just the Right Book subscription and it doesn't disappoint. I have always been a great admirer of the Roosevelts but had... Continue Reading →


Day 415: To Cure or Not to Cure, That is the Question

So March is Cerebral Palsy and I feel like a total slacker. I meant to spend this month blogging about my disability so of course, depression reared it's ugly head on top of the news of another school shooting and predictable inaction from most of our government because it wasn't their child who was involved.  When... Continue Reading →

Day 414: To the Young People Who March, Keep It Up

I'm sitting here listening to the  Hamilton soundtrack again. It's one of the playlists that gets put on repeat when I am contemplative, maybe because that mood often leads to writing.I've watched the reactions to the young people taking on the issue of gun control because our government doesn't see the deaths of young people from gun violence as an... Continue Reading →

Day 410: Just Do It

        I was in seventh or eighth grade when the Columbine high school shooting happened. It was the only piece of news for weeks. Speculation and theories as to why they did it through every community, big and small. Many people put the blame on violent video games and metal music and... Continue Reading →

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